Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Baby Stuff

I was excited to see Susannah during this last stage of her pregnancy.
She had grown even bigger in the belly than she was at Thanksgiving which was pretty impressive to me.
She was cuter than all get out, but was pretty uncomfortable and ready to have that baby!
I loved her suggestion to get this picture of her belly more from her perspective.
Here's the happy couple in an non-characteristicly nice picture of Adam. I thought this trip would be different, but it turned into being the most ridiculous few days of pictures I've ever taken of Adam.
Example number one. Hilarious.
This one also cracks me up!
Awwww. This is probably the 5th one I took of this pose and he finally made a nice face for me.
Susannah decided to pay him back in this picture I was taking of him tying flies for fly fishing.
He returned the favor.
We had a few projects to do to get ready for little Evie. This started things off. She and Adam had finally got this book case and found some cute green baskets to store her clothes in. By the way, I love how Susannah's belly hangs out of her sweatshirt.
Before I got there, she put Evie's name on the wall in vinyl along with a cute butterfly.
Okay, here's the before.
We used the cricket to make letters and cute graphics to label the baskets.
Here's Susannah applying the onesies stickers.
I LOVED the jackets one that I worked on.
Didn't they turn out cute? I reorganized these shelves later on. I'll have to post a picture of it now a little later.
Here's another ridiculous one.
Isn't she adorable?
Adorable yet again.
I thought this was hilarious - Susannah playing ping pong pregnant!
Here she is at her last OB/GYN appointment! The story to follow!


Jessica said...

I love all of these posts! You all need to make sure you move back soon- we miss you guys! Congrats on Evie! She is so adorable!

Susannah said...

Thanks for posting all of these! I like them and am glad to have pictures of it all!

deej said...

Such FUN pics Alona!! I especially loved the video of Susannah playing ping pong . . . you'd think being pregnant would be somewhat of a handicap - but bet she could still whip most folks! You had such great pictures - believe me - I will be keeping in close touch with your blog! And your reorganizing efforts - too cute and GREEN! Love it!