Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving in Boise

I was lucky enough to travel to Boise for Thanksgiving.
Susannah and Adam picked me up at the airport. Susannah called when I was still at baggage claim and said that they were "kind of" in a cop car. It was definitely a cop car. Adam's brother in law, Rick, let them bring it to pick me up since it was better suited to the crazy weather.
When we met up at the airport, they said I'd need to put my stuff in the back seat with me because Rick had called and told them not to open the trunk because his automatic rifle was in the trunk and he didn't think that would go over very well at the airport.
Adam had some fun putting me in the car later on.
While there, we did some shopping and there was a HUGE camping chair at this place called Cabelas.
Here's cute, pregnant Susannah who can't button her coat!
We also stopped by Adam's sister Andrea's house to check out here baby bunnies. They were so cute!
We kept trying to get close-ups of their faces, but the camera wouldn't focus. You can kind of tell in this one how cute they were!
Thanksgiving morning I went for a jog with Adam. It was about 10 degrees and very icy/snowy on the roads. Luckily the Warrs had these handy little things that go over your shoes to give you traction.
This is what it looks like from the bottom.
I loved Adam's jogging outfit. :)
I had to take a picture of myself out braving the snow.
For breakfast that morning, Deej made these delicious cinnamon rolls.
Just looking at them makes me very hungry!
Since I brought a bunch of stuff for Susannah's baby shower, I just brought everyone's Christmas presents too. I had some time one day so I wrapped them up. I thought they looked really cute, so I had to take a picture!
My parents and brother got to Boise on Wednesday evening. Vic was going to take them flying on Thanksgiving morning, but the winds were too strong. They did get a nice look at the plane, though.
Finally, to the part you've all been waiting for - cute pregnant shots of Susannah!
This one might be my favorite. I loved watching her belly move when little Evie would move around.
We also loved feeling her move.
During the shower, we kicked the guys out!
Here's another belly shot.
It snowed almost the whole day of Susannah's shower (Saturday). It was very pretty out there, though!
Here's my mom and me just before the shower underneath the clothesline of stuff I got Susannah for the baby.
Here's a shot of some of the blankets on the gift table. Susannah pieced the quilt on the far left and my mom quilted and bound it. She also crocheted that white blanket on the left and made the one just underneath the pieced quilt. I gave Susannah the green and brown blankets, but TJ monogrammed them for me along with the cute pink blanket she sent with me for Susannah.
Deej made this awesome dress for Evie for her blessing day.
Here's a sister shot of us and Adam's sisters.
Julie made a duplicate of a game we played at her sister's baby shower. It's a celebrity baby game that's a lot of fun. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.
Adam's sister Whitney made this ridiculously cute owl beanie for the baby!
Here are my two favorite ladies and the quilt they made.
I had them pose with the other blankets my mom made too.
The Warr clan took care of the food and it was delicious!
My parents and brother left right after the shower.
Of course, what would a post about the Warrs be without a picture of Adam with one of his ridiculous faces? It was a great time! I enjoyed every minute of it!


Susannah said...

Oh, the fun!! I had a great time this I do most Thanksgivings! Thanks a ton for the baby shower and all the adorable stuff!

Wendy Sue said...

Good food, good fun, great family. (Actually 2 great families!)

deej said...

Thanksgiving was double fun this year! Chili says the house seems awfully quiet these days . . .
Thanks for the great blog Alona - are you enjoying balmy weather in Texas? It still feels and looks like winter here!

kristal said...

I love this post. I love you! I love your life. you intrige me! you're adorable too! I love the picture of you with the bunnies and of you in the huge chair. I love it all! I wanna go on your next Id trip! And I wanna take pictures of baby abbigale! Or whatever her name is going to be.