Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nate's shenanigans

Okay, this first one obviously doesn't have anything to do with Nate, but it happened on the same day so I thought I'd stick it on here.
We recently had a big split in our ward with the creation of a new ward since our area has been growing so much. I got switched out of the Eagle Springs Ward and am now in the Summerwood Ward. Don't ask me how it happened, but I've got the same calling I had in the other ward! I'm still in the RS presidency. These are the other sisters in the presidency. They're a great group.
Now to the shenanigans. That Sunday I went to a fireside at the Hafer building. Nate was there along with some of our other friends. One of our friends, Mele, is pretty tall - taller than Nate, in fact. He won't admit it even though she's got him beat by a couple of inches. I am quite a bit shorter than him, but I thought I'd see if I was anywhere close since I was wearing my tall boots. Mele grabbed my camera to document it. Also, we made Nate take off his shoes.
Pretty close, I'd say.
We were trying to take a nice picture, but he just wouldn't comply. He was being ridiculous.
This was the closest one to normal. He was looking at the camera and smiling until one second before she snapped the picture. We didn't get the full crazy face he was making at least.

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