Sunday, December 5, 2010


When Jen and I pulled into the temple on Wednesday evening, we were in for a nice surprise!
These statues had been added to the very front of the temple grounds just as you enter the gate.
It was so pretty. We waited until after our shift before I took these photos. I love Christmas!
On Saturday I went with my cousin Dannen and his family to the Kingwood Nativity exhibit. Scarlet was also in town and it was great hanging out with them for a bit.
This is unrelated to Christmas, but I have to put a plug in for my friends who just opened up their new salon this week. It's called Bella Sorella and is at the corner of W. Lake Houston Parkway and Kings Parkway. Check them out!
You'll have to indulge me for these last few - or just quit looking, I guess. I spent a lot of yesterday cleaning. It was very dark by the time I was done and I was home all alone, so I decided to amuse myself by lighting a bunch of my Christmas candles and taking pictures.
Oops, this one is not candles, but I did get these cute lights at IKEA that I put with my nativity set and the "Peace" letters I made at Super Saturday.
Loved this one!
These ones turned out cool as well.


Susannah said...

I like Christmas too! The statues at the temple look really do your decorations.

Wendy Sue said...

You have some cool candles!