Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fun Nights

I recently had two fun evenings with good friends.
On Thursday Katherine, Julie, and Heidi came over for dinner and fun. After some ping pong, we decided we needed to get a picture of all of us. For some reason, we were having a hard time picking a backdrop and we ended up settling on the bathtub in my bathroom.
Only 3 of us fit in, so Katherine got the top. The only problem with that arrangement is that it presents Katherine a perfect opportunity to settle a few scores with Julie . . .
which she did mildly, by turning on the water to the tub as she was getting out. She got out of there pretty quickly and you can see the the damage was minor.
Here's a 3 Amigos shot.
One of our favorite skits on SNL is Will Farrell's take on Harry Caray. We love impersonating him from that skit. Julie is the best at it. For some reason, she had this face drawn on her hand . . . with a cigarette and we got her to do the impersonation. This cracks me up!
On Friday night I had Nate and his kids over for dinner. Nate's moving to UT in a week and I left on Saturday for the holidays so I had to do something since I wouldn't get to see him for a long time.
I found this really cute recipe in a kids cookbook I have. It's called the "octo-dog." They were a hit! :)
I had some leftover foam ornament kits from my students' Christmas party so Nate's girls made them. I took their pictures to put in the ornaments. Here's Maddie.
And Lexie.
Here's the whole crew. We had a lot of fun.
Gavin was a little under the weather and the other two boys just got tuckered out. They fell asleep in my room which was hilarious to me. You can easily see Gavin and Jackson. If you look closely, you can see Junior's legs behind my chair.
Here he is! CUTE!


Susannah said...

I like the octo-dogs...they're cute! I also like the picture of all the boys sleeping. We just showed some people the Harry Caray skit on Wednesday!

Kristal said...

Your comment gave me guilt.

Your octodog is awesome.

I want to take a picture in your bathtub.

No, wait, come take a picture in my bathtub.

Come over!