Sunday, December 5, 2010

School Stuff of Late

We've had several events and other things at school that I've taken pictures of lately so I thought I'd share some with you.
Starting this off is this cute one I shot of a boy in my class with his twin sister. They were being super cute that day, so I got this picture of them in front of the tepee in my room during November when we were learning about Native Americans.
We also planted some carrots awhile ago. We planted the seeds in October, but they finally sprouted and so we decided to move them on outside.
Here are the kiddos with their little cups of carrot sprouts.
Our school has these little garden boxes out back so we planted them, cups and all in a section of this box.
We even gave them a little water. It was so cute.
Another of my favorites is our Veteran's Day program. Three of the boys facing the camera are in my class. They were so cute in their little cub scout uniforms.
November is also time for our Thanksgiving program. Here's my class a day or two before our big performance.
This is the grade level preparing to go onstage during the performance. I loved our shirts and I loved that we color coded them by class.
We made tepees in class to go with our Native American picture stories, but the kids loved them so they kept making more tepees and little "Indian scenes." Here's one of them for you to enjoy.
Our latest fun was a field trip down to the Hobby Center to see a TUTS production of "The Shoemaker and the Christmas Elves." I snapped this photo of Tricia, the amazing para-educator who helps out in my classroom this year.
Brianna's dad was on one of our chaperones.
Here we are waiting to get on the bus after the play.
These two are my room moms. One was a chaperone for the field trip and the other met us at the park for lunch and some recess time after the play.
This is my awesome team. I was really impressed; we had one of my students take this picture and we're all in it!

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Your little students are so cute!