Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Birthday Boys

Two of my favorite people have birthdays toward the end of December and luckily I got to be around for both of them.
I flew to Seattle a few days before my Dad's birthday. The cool thing about his birthday is that it falls on the Winter Solstice.
One cool thing about that is that you can get an egg to stand up on it's end as you can see here. His birthday is on the 21st.
My mom made him a delicious popcorn cake. You can see that my mom was pretty inventive with the candle.
Happy 61st birthday, Dad!
The day after my dad's birthday I headed to Moscow to visit Adam and Susannah. It was such a beautiful drive. I had to take some video along the way.
Adam's birthday is on the 28th. A lot happened in between but I thought I'd do a birthday post and then follow up with some other stuff.
I was pretty excited to give him the present I got - a Nacho Libre Luchador mask. He liked it!
My mom and I tried our hand at donut making since Adam decided he would rather try donuts than have a cake this year.
They're actually mashed potato donuts with maple frosting and they turned out really good!
We stuck a candle in one for him to make a wish. Happy 31st to Adam!


123 checkoutourfamily said...

that mask is AWESOME.....we get a kick out of Nacho Libre

Susannah said...

My two favorite guys too!