Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bushman Reunion

The last event of my big summer road trip was our E.E. Bushman reunion - My dad's family.
This is a picture me with my first cousins that were there that first day. There 45 total of us, I believe. They did a count and with Adam marrying into the family, there are now 199 members of my dad's family (either born into, adopted, or married into) including his parents.
Sunday, the 28th was the first day of the reunion. We met in Lehi, UT at my cousin, Desiree's house. We then all headed to a park in her subdivision. I'm not sure why my dad climbed this, but I was sure ready to document it.
This is Austin, my cousin Daylen's oldest. Austin caught a grasshopper and was showing everyone.
This is Brandt, my cousin Eric's son. He is such a cutie and he made friends with me this reunion.
This is Julie, my cousin Rodney's wife and their youngest son. I thought his eyes were awesome!
There are several random group shots. We had a great spaghetti dinner.
Chilling in the shade! It was really hot outside. I love the west, though, where shade makes a difference. It was nice and cool in the shade!
This is my Aunt Karen and her daughter Nancy - the last remaining members of the E.E. Bushman family living in Joseph City.
Here's my cousin Daylen, his wife Scarlet, and their daughter Valeska.
Valeska was a great poser. This is one of many cute shots I got of her.
Before we headed to day 2 of the reunion, we ran some errands and stopped by our old alma mater, BYU!
Day 2 was at a beautiful park in Provo Canyon. This is my cousin Valerie's youngest son.
The Clarks had the biggest representation of their family at this reunion. I loved the lighting on this picture too! Not everyone who attended both days is pictured here.
I took this family shot of my cousin Julie and her kids. Her husband wasn't able to make it.
Us 4 girls hung out a lot together at reunions growing up. We were fairly close in age.
I wanted to take a picture of my dad's siblings and their spouses. This is a great picture of everyone except my parents are making crazy faces. We took some silly pictures after this one, and I guess they were ahead of the game.
This is a slightly silly one. We got some great smiles going on!
Heather's youngest accidentally got a spinning toy stuck in her hair. My mom tried in vain to get it out. No luck!
Her husband, Mike had to use a butcher knife to cut her hair!
Todd and Alyson were the only Bushman reps (besides my immediate family) at the Boise reception. They live right outside of Boise.
All the game playing and story telling seemed to finally get to JD!
We headed on out at about 4:00. This is Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon. It's so pretty. We passed it on our way out. We drove all night! We stopped in Midland, TX to drop my dad off, stopped in San Angelo at my parents' house, and then I jumped in my car for another 6 hour drive home. I made it 6:30 pm! Long drives, but a great road trip!


Susannah said...

Makes me sad I missed it! My favorite is Mom and Dad's premature silly faces!

Jennifer said...

SO SAD I missed it! Would have been fun to see eveyone. Great Pictures!

Jennifer said...

YOu know our family will be close to 210 by the time the year is out. That's crazy, but cool!

Christian, Teresa, Cameron & Braeden said...

It was so fun catching up on your vacation. What a fun trip!!! Even though you didn't visit ME when you were in Utah. :) I understand though...

Valerie said...

SOOO fun to see everyone! Thanks for posting so many fun pics!

Matt and Andrea said...

Sweet pictures. I wish you lived closer so that I could just have you follow me around and document my life! =)

srbushman said...

Oh I wish we were there! This darn baby bump always gets in the way! Sounds like everyone had a great time!