Thursday, July 9, 2009

Home Again

It was really nice to be home after my long road trip.
I had a good time putting up the new stuff I bought on my trip. I got a new wall hanging that is actually sitting at the top of my entertainment center to replace the cute "family" saying that was Susannah's and is now in Idaho!
Probably my favorite addition is the frame that Rich and Linda Miller made for me. It fits perfectly around the little paint and vinyl saying that was on my wall!
I also came home to a big surprise. I planted a sunflower a couple of months ago. When I left for my road trip, this baby was only up to my waist and had no flower. This is what I came home to! I am in heels, standing on the box around the garden and it's still that much taller than me!
It was also good to see my friends. I had to post these pictures from last Sunday. Kirsten is now in Guatemala, but she LOVED Scott's "summer suit." We took a whole bunch of pictures of him in it and sent them to her.
Scott and Nate saw a ball stuck in the tree just behind the church parking lot. Nate couldn't stand it and had to get it out. He and Scott are quite the funny duo. I'm glad to be home (for the next few days, anyway - off to Maui soon!) even if it is ridiculously HUMID!


Christian, Teresa, Cameron & Braeden said...

I have those same curly bamboo at my house. Great minds think alike.

Mom said...

I love the frame around your vinyl words!! It looks much better on the wall that it did in the back's found it's home!! The plaque looks really good on your entertainment center, too.

Alona said...

I agree, Teresa . . . and thanks, Mom! I LOVE that frame!

Susannah said...

I agree!!! The frame is AWESOME!!! I also love that sunflower...who would've thought?!

Kirsten said...

That sunflower rocks. and really.. can you help but love the summer suit!