Monday, July 6, 2009


After leaving Wyoming, we headed on in to Utah. I think I had a short lapse in picture taking, because I didn't take a picture of my Grandma Evans, Uncle Darl & Aunt Norma, nor of my cousin, Brad and his family who we stayed with! I took some Evans side pictures at the reception. I hope Susannah posts those! Oops! We went to see my Grandma's old house where my mom grew up. It finally sold, but no one is living there yet.
Whenever I go to UT, I HAVE TO stop at Cafe Rio! I LOVE that place. Pork burrito, enchilada style, black beans, medium sauce. Need I say more?
Here's another beautiful scenery shot of the Salt Lake valley from up in West Jordan.
We were able to go to the open house of Utah's newest temple - the Oquirrh Mountain temple. It was a great experience!
After we left the temple, my parents dropped me off at my good friend and old roommate's house, Allie. They had a reunion with my dad's siblings and first cousins. One of our first items of business was to head over to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to watch the Joseph Smith movie. It's amazing. When we came out, it was really overcast . . . ideal for picture taking! This garden is just outside the JSMB and I'm facing the Church Office Building.
Just around the corner is the Salt Lake Temple and Temple Square. I got some great shots, but none cooler than this one where I accidentally caught some lightning in the background. It was awesome!
We had to get our pictures in front of it. Here's Allie with her 5 week old baby, Megan. Such a cutie!
I had to get mine taken too. Isn't the sky amazing? Not to mention the temple!
We were blessed to make it to the condo before the storm got to us. I caught some more lightning from Allie's balcony.
After the storm passed, the lighting was great for more pictures. The rainbows were awesome! These are all taken from the balcony.
I love how bright the colors got. You can see the other rainbow just to the right.
I played with some settings on the camera and got this great one. The old houses back in the avenues in Salt Lake are just beautiful.
Smile! Allie just got a new camera as well and we had fun playing with them out there!
This is Allie's husband Brett with Megan.
The next day, we went to visit Allie's sister Jen who was also my roommate for a year. Jen has 5 kids now! Her baby on the left is a twin, but she was upstairs sleeping. The twins are just a few months older than Megan.
One of the last things we did before my parents came back was to go on a walk just up a canyon by Allie's condo. Megan slept the whole way.
It's a good thing babies are still cute when they're sleeping. We wanted to get some pictures of her with Allie.
Yay for friends!
After my parents picked me up and we said good-bye to Allie and her family, we went to my Dad's cousin, Craig's house in Highland. We actually stayed there two nights, which was a real treat! His house is amazing.
They have a grand piano that used to be in the Lion House in Salt Lake. That's Brigham Young's old house. We played on it a little bit!


Susannah said...

The temple/lightning picture is amazing! Good job!

Matt and Andrea said...

Mmmm....Cafe Rio. I'm drooling right now.

And your temple and storm pics are great!