Monday, July 20, 2009

Memory Lane

Being on Maui in general has been a walk down memory lane for me since I spent many of my summers growing up here.
This is the main office area of the Haliimaile division of the Maui Pineapple Company. My dad worked with a company that worked for that company.
I had to get a close-up of the sign since it had that cool pineapple logo that I love!It the road by that main office goes straight up into a pineapple field.
The night after Kim and I got back from Oahu, we had a girls' night out with Megan and 3 of her older nieces. We saw Harry Potter, went out to dinner, went shopping, and had dessert. These girls kept us laughing!
The girls snapped a picture of us as well.
I had to take this picture for Susannah. On our last trip to Maui, she had to use the restroom when my dad was driving around upcountry. She saw this sign and said, "I 'oma'opioed my pants." It cracked us all up!
Growing up, many Sundays we attended church at this LDS church in Pukalani.
The view from the church is amazing.
Other Sundays we would go to church here. This was the first LDS chapel built on Maui. It is very old, but still so nice! It is called the Pulehu Chapel.
Nice front view! I was glad it was open so we could go in.
I'm not sure, but I believe this picture is of the first presidency of the Church when this chapel was built.
I love the wood floors and pews inside the chapel.
They have a visitor sign-in book. In the old book, it went back forever. I remember seeing Spencer W. Kimball's signature in there many years ago.
Here it is from the other side.
This house used to belong to the McDonald family. They were good friends of ours that lived on Maui. Their front yard was so long and was so ideal for slip and sliding!
The place that holds the most memories for me in Maui is this plantation where we used to live most of the summers I was here. It is REALLY run down now, but I can still imagine how it used to look.
It made a giant U shape and this is one of the sides. A bunch of boys from the mainland would come over to pick pineapples and my dad was a coordinator for that program. They lived in these dorms. We usually lived in an apartment above the others in the front part of the building. You can see it in the picture above this one. It's just behind the screened in area.
This is a shot of the back side. It used to be so much prettier!
The view from that Haliimaile plantation was always beautiful!
We made a scenic stop at Ho'okipa beach, a pretty famous wind surfing beach.
It was a really windy day. The water was pretty choppy!
We had a great time watching the wind surfers! I never caught it, but lots of them were catching some serious air - even flipping.
Our last stop today was at a pineapple field. No, folks, pineapples do not grow on trees!
I got a shot of one growing. This field looked like it was ready to harvest. I wished my dad still worked at the Maui Pineapple Company so I would have felt like we could have picked one! I still haven't had Maui pineapple yet this trip!
Here's Kim pretending to pick one! This was her first exposure to the pineapple plants!


Christian, Teresa, Cameron & Braeden said...

What a fun trip. You're always doing one adventure after another!

Mom said...

I can't believe how many wistful sighs have escaped my lips in looking at all these Hawaii pictures. Pineapple, plumeria & POG, what more can I say?

Susannah said...

Homesick...homesick...homesick...! Where did the track go?

Alona said...

The track has sadly disappeared. No one will be having any "mango" accidents there anymore!