Monday, July 6, 2009


We got up super early the morning after the Joseph City reception and headed for Idaho.
My parents drove the rental truck as far as Orem. They decided to stay in Salt Lake and head the rest of the way up to Idaho the following day. Susannah, Adam, and I decided to keep on going, but we needed to take the truck. We got Susannah's computer chair out of the back and stuck it in the middle of the seats so we could all fit. It wasn't that comfortable, but we got safely to Boise.
While we were stopped in Orem, Kirsten met up with us for a visit. She took us over to her Gram's house for some lunch. It was a lot of fun and just what we needed before going 5 more hours on the road. Kirsten left for Guatemala 2 days after this visit.
The next day in Boise, we got all the stuff transfered from the rental truck to Adam's dad's truck. Adam's brother-in-law, Chris, his sister's boyfriend, Gabe, and Adam's dad (the Vic) all helped a ton. Vic's truck had a lift so we could walk things straight across from truck to truck.
The rest of the day was reception stuff, so I'm skipping to the following day - Father's Day. We had a big breakfast in the Warr's yard.
Susannah and Adam got the Vic and Deej some Jackrabbit underwear. It was quite a hit.
After church that day, Adam's parents, my parents, Susannah, Adam, and myself went up to Placerville to the Warr's cabin. It is so beautiful and is even bigger that their real house. Vic built the garage so that it can hold his plane!
This is the cute little guy that guards their front door. I wouldn't mess with him! :)
We roasted hot dogs and had s'mores for dinner out back. This swing was really cool, but we ended up breaking it a little. I hope they can repair it!
I felt a little weird - I was the only non-couple there, but at least I really like all those people! :)
This is the updated Bushman family minus my brother Adam who was working and couldn't come on this two week road trip!
It got SO COLD! We had to get a picture of us all bundled up. The irony was that this was the first day of summer!
We went for a walk after dinner. It was so beautiful. This was on the runway Vic built for his airplane.
I went for a couple of walks the following morning. I couldn't believe how pretty it was out there. They'd had a lot of rain so it was really green.
I went on a walk with the Vic and Deej and then went on another with my camera and my parents to show them the cool stuff Vic had shown me.
They used to do a lot of gold mining up in Placerville. This old shack is on or just next to the Warr's property. They do own the mineral rights, so if they ever find gold, it's all good!
The best part of the day was 4-wheeling. We went 5 or 6 miles on some awesome mountain trails. It was so cold, but so beautiful!
We stopped in at the general store in Placerville. They have several hummingbird feeders out on the porch. You can go right up to the hummingbirds. It's pretty cool.Here's my dad giving it a try. Most of us just stuck our hands up there, but he was hoping to have one land on his head.We took the 4-wheelers up to the Placerville cemetery. It was so cool and had some really old graves.Vic found some HUGE mushrooms! They reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.I took this shot from the edge of the cemetery into Placerville. We rode for another 7-8 miles along some small roads and trails before coming back to the cabin. Adam taught us how to ride a motorcycle. They have this little Honda 100 that is perfect for teaching . After Susannah had some practice, Adam got on a bigger bike to ride with her a little.

Here's some video of one of her first solo rides.I was next and LOVED riding the bike. They even sent me on an errand into town so I could ride more. We had just been practicing on the runway.

Here I am doing some riding. Too fun!
My dad even decided to brush up on his skills. It had been awhile since he'd ridden. He was braver than us, though. He took the bigger bike out for a spin after this one. Susannah and I were content with the little guy. That made me want a motorcycle a little bit.After all that motorized fun, we settled in for some ping pong and naps. We went out to a play at the Starlight Mountain Theater to watch a musical called "The Boyfriend." It was cute. The Warrs took us to that same outdoor theater two summers ago and that is where Adam and Susannah first held hands.
When my parents and I left Placerville the next morning, we left Susannah in Idaho. It was a sad farewell!


Mom said...

It seems like all that happened a long, long time ago. It was very fun!

Jennifer said...

Looks like a fun trip! How nice to be cold in the middle of June!

Susannah said...

After you guys left I took the 100 for another ride. They were working on the road, so I took it up the mountain. Dumb idea! I got up just fine...coming down scared me to death. I took so long that Adam came to get me on the 4 wheeler. I made him switch me!

deej said...

I'm wishin' for a little of that cold! Was HOT last weekend up there . .. but did cool down in the evenings and we enjoyed the fire and s'mores. Susannah is getting pretty hot on the ol' 100! Thinkin' she could become a Harley chick! Miss you and your fam!