Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Fun

So, this post is a milestone! It's number 300! I can't believe I've done that many . . . and there are many more coming! This post is kind of a mixture of a few things I did within a few days the week before last.
On Thursday, the 9th of July, I went with a group of friends to watch Phantom of the Opera. It was a Broadway Across America production, but I wasn't overly impressed. I wasn't a fan of two of the womens' voices, but I really liked the Phantom and Raoul. It was a fun night regardless!
These next few pictures are from a "swinging" party we had. It began with batting cages in Humble. Nate was the designated pitcher except when he batted.
Here's Stacie doing some batting. She hit some really fast ones.
Here are Kim, Stacie, and I hiding from Nate's hits. Yikes!
We then headed to the driving range to "swing" our clubs. That was also a ton of fun! I am not very good at golf I think. Miniature golf is a different story, however.
On Monday, our FHE group went to the Miller Outdoor Theater to watch a TUTS production of 42nd street. It was AWESOME!
We were way far back so this picture is majorly zoomed, but the coolest thing about the play was that the whole company did a whole bunch of tap dances that were really good!
They had cool scenery too. This screen came down a few times and I thought it was pretty impressive.

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