Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Maui

This is my last "official" Hawaii post. There will most likely be a few follow up pictures when I get Kim's photos and the underwater ones from when we went snorkeling at Black Rock.
One of our last days on Maui we went to Keihe to this really nice beach. It was called Charley something or other. I can't remember the last name, but it was a really nice beach. This is where I first burned my shoulders. I sealed the deal in Lahaina and am now majorly peeling!
The sugar cane fields were awesome. I had to stand next to one to show how tall they were.
This line of trees has always been a cool landmark to me. It's on the Hana Highway between Paia and Kahului. I love it!
Just another random yet scenic Maui shot! I loved how the tops of the mountains are always covered with clouds.
Our last day, Megan took us to Twin Falls. This is an area that is not as touristy. The mosquitoes were out of control, so we didn't stay at this smaller area very long.
I made Megan pose in front of this little water fall area.
She then lead us to the more popular area of Twin Falls. Megan's mom, brother Jeff, and Birlinda's crew came as well. I loved taking pictures of Soana. She would do the cutest faces!
Megan snapped this one of Kim and me in the water after having jumped off the little cliffs into the water. It was nice and cool on my sunburn.
It was such a pretty little place.
There was a cool rope swing right under this huge tree. You can see one of the kids on the right in the air just after he let go.
Megan's mom impressed us all by diving off the cliffs. It looks a lot higher when you're standing up there looking down.
I had fun playing with the sports setting on my camera while the kids jumped off! This is one of Birlinda's nephews on her side of the family.
Lyti is her second oldest.
Here's Soana (Wana) again. She's so stinkin' cute!
Here's Lyti right after she climbed out of the water.
Mei's Birlinda's oldest.
Wana . . . again! :) Her voice cracked me up too; it was kind of low and scratchy.
Isaac is the 3rd oldest.
Here's cute little Ellie again.
Just before we left for the airport, I got a picture of the people who were living in the house when we were there for most of the time (Megan's older sister and family were on Oahu most of the time we were there). Megan's parents and her brother Jeff are in the picture with her.
They felt bad that we didn't get their dog, Koa in the picture so Jeff grabbed him for a quick pose. This was such a fun trip! Thanks to the Akinaka family for being so great to us!


Kristal said...

Looks ugly!
Glad I've never had to go there.

Susannah said...

Cute family! I'm with Kristal...ugly...and I'm not homesick at all!