Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Another one of my favorite places on Maui is Lahaina. It used to be the capitol of Hawaii. It was a big whaling port and still has really cool wharfs and boat tours.
I snapped this picture of the sugar cane and the rainbow on the way there.
As a kid, going through this tunnel on the way there was always exciting. Megan helped me re-live my childhood by honking in the tunnel - both there and back!
One of the most famous things about Lahaina is this banyan tree. To me it is THE banyan tree.
It is huge and takes up a city block!
The trunk looking things in the foreground are actually roots that have come down from branches to support their weight. It is pretty awesome.
Just past Lahaina is a resort area called Ka'anapali. We went to a beach in that area for some snorkling.
For obvious reasons, it is called Black Rock.
Two of Megan's brother's families met us there. We got a kick out of watching the kids play. I could never get these two to look at the camera at the same time. I loved their curly hair!
Here's a cute picture of Ellie!
This picture cracks me up. Kim is standing right in the middle and if you look closely, you can see those two little girls grabbing her ankles. It was hilarious.
This is Birlinda - Megan's sister-in-law. She was tons of fun. She's holding her youngest, Tui on the left side. That is her friend's son (I think his name is Danger!) in the orange shirt.
After snorkeling and playing with the kids for awhile, we did some shopping at Whaler's Village. I love the whale skeleton they have there.
Another Lahaina favorite is Hilo Hattie's. What a great store. They give you a free shell necklace every time you go too! I like this shot because it has the "L" up on the mountain as well!
Front street is a prime shopping area. By this time, we were pretty shopped out, so we stopped for something cool!
The shave ice is GIANT! It sure was delicious.
They know how to do it right. Mine had a scoop of coconut ice cream in the bottom and then on the shave ice I had mango, guava, orange, and passion fruit flavors. It was so good. I am standing in front of this really cool stand that sold these awesome wooden puzzle boxes.
Before we left, I had to get a shot of the beach area right off of front street. I love that place!
On a side note, we had underwater cameras when we went snorkeling at Black Rock. We saw some awesome fish and a couple of HUGE sea turtles. Those pictures aren't back yet, so look for a follow up post in the next few days.

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